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Winter Stars


We are thrilled that you will be a part of the
Buffalo Holiday Market this season!


Please complete the form on this page so that we can promote your company on our social media platforms and through email blasts. This form must be completed by 11/15 to be featured on our social media platforms!

Please also see a list of some vendor FAQs that have been asked recently. We are doing our best to answer everyone's questions in a timely fashion. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!



Please upload your logo and at least 3 images of items you will be selling at the market.

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Vendor FAQ

Will there be electric?

Vendors may bring a noise cancelling generator to setup at their chalet if you are in need of electricity. If you are unsure that the generator you have is acceptable, please reach out to us and ask first before bringing.

Will there be heat?

You may bring a portable electric heater ONLY if you are also bringing a noise cancelling generator to provide your own electricity. Propane heaters are strictly prohibited as they are a fire hazard. There will be propane heaters located throughout the market that you may warm up under during the market hours. We also strongly recommend portable hand/boot warmers that are used for camping. Keep in mind, your chalet has four sides, with the front open. You will be well protected from the weather elements!

How large is the chalet?

Chalet Sizes are as follows:

Standard Chalet: 8ft Tall x 8ft Wide x 4ft deep (this is the chalet that was used for the 2021 Market)

XL Chalet: 8ft Tall x 12ft wide x 5ft deep


The Market will run from November 25th - December 23rd 2022


November 25th - December 23rd


OPENING DAY November 25TH: 10AM-9PM 

Tuesday-Friday: 3PM-8PM

Saturday & Sunday 10AM-8PM

Can I bring a table & chairs?

Tables are not permitted. If you would like to bring a chair to sit in when to take a standing break inside your chalet, you may absolutely do so.

Will there be lighting?

Yes, each chalet will have ample lighting inside.

Do I need signage?

No, every vendor will have a custom sign that they will pick up upon arrival to hang on their chalet. You may not hang your own signage on the outside of the chalet. You may hang your own signage inside if you choose to do so.

Will the chalets be decorated?

Yes, there will be greenery on each chalet.

When can I set up?

Set up will open up 2 hours before the start of the event. Vendors are expected to have their chalet packed up 1 hour after the close of the market. Vendors who are permanent, weekly vendors do not need to pack up their chalet. The chalet will lock up and merchandise can be stored overnight. There are security cameras on-site. Storage of merchandise overnight is at your own risk.

Can I leave the market early?

No, you cannot. Please plan to stay the entire time the market is open.

What if I run out of inventory?

It is imperative that you plan for over 2,000 shoppers daily. If you run out of inventory it reflects on you, and affects the businesses around you. You may not leave early if you do run out of inventory.

Please also refer to the VENDOR FAQ page that was read and agreed upon when you completed your initial application.

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