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Your Acceptance into the 2022 Holiday Market will require a Refundable Deposit in order to secure your Chalet dates. 

Please choose the CHALET size that you are interested in.

Chalet Sizes are as follows:

Standard Chalet: 8ft Tall x 8ft Wide x 4ft deep (this is the chalet that was used for the 2021 Market)

XL Chalet: 8ft Tall x 12ft wide x 5ft deep

The Deposit will cover all of the market dates that you select (selection will begin after the Chalet agreement is signed)

This deposit will be held until the close of the market and returned NLT 01/10/2023 as long as the terms of the Chalet Agreement are met. 


For any questions please email:


As a reminder, heat and electric are NOT provided to the chalet. Each chalet will be provided with lighting.

CHALET Deposit

  • REFUNDS will NOT be issued until the market is closed. Deposits will not be refunded if vendor did not show or meet any of the terms and conditions listed in the chalet booking and chalet agreement.

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